How to learn better?

Learn better?


Recently, I read a book about how to learn by Ulrich Boser. In this book,it provides many evidence-based methods to learn. Besides, it also provides steps for readers to follow.

The table of contents shows the steps for readers:

  • value: first, you have find out why you want to learn this.
  • target: after you learn(master) this skill, what do you want to do? and try to be focus on your target.
  • develop: use deliberate practice to hone your skill.
  • extend: apply the knowledge
  • relate: interact with other knowledge, mix it up.
  • rethink: be humble. review, reconsider the knowledge.

I want to share my experience about joining in a 2.6k-stars open source project as a beginner. Here is my merged pull-request.

Can I do more?

As soon as I finish course 170: Web development, the introduction on how to use Sinatra framework. At the last lesson, it asks students to build an optional project using Sinatra. I try to build my optional project. (it is an easy version of read-it-later). And I think that maybe I can do more.

self-hosted server experience

I am a self-hosted hobbyist,and one of my friends has a blog talking about different opensource apps that you can build on your server. I have some of them on my own server, like owncloud, Tiny Tiny Rss,Wallabag. But most of them are written in PHP. I don’t know PHP now.


In the previous post, I talked about this in JS and self in Ruby.

All the following contents are modified from the talk Dave Thomas give at 2009 Scotland Rails The Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming in Ruby: It’s All About the Self by Yehuda Katz.

Everything is an object

I said:

Because JS is not like classic OOP, You cannot create another object from the mold(class). Although, it has some similar way(prototype) that you can work like a classic OOP.

Well, I was wrong about Ruby. There is not such things that you create an object from the definition class. You might heard that In Ruby, everything is object. I am confused at first. How could it be possible? class is not an object, you create a thing from the class that define what properties and methods that a object has. So how could it be possible that class is an object?



this is determined when a function is executed. this will use implicit function execution context. If we don’t use explicit function execution, or invoke the methods on an object, then this in the function is bound to the global object. In the method invocation, this is the object that owns the method. We also can explicitly bind a function’s execution context to an object use call or apply

JavaScript and his little friends

What browser works?

I recently learn the JavaScript. I am fascinated with beautiful world that the modern Internet give me. There are so many cool features and tools that JavaScript give us. Oh, wait here. Exactly, It is not the JavaScript only. But the web browser give us. If you review the history of JavaScript, you would understand that JavaScript are intertwined with the web browser. So, Only the JavaScript are not so cool stuff. But JavaScript works with modern web browser are cool. But Why do we have to understand which part provided by JavaScript? which part provided by WebAPIs ? Most of time, you don’t have to figure it out. You just work with them together. But if we want to go deep, and truly understand javascript, I think it is good to figure it out how both of them work together.